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Kino Flo Rental

Kino Flo Rental: Kino Flo Diva Lite 400

  • $40/day
  • $35/Extra day
  • $120/week

Why My Favorite Light is The Kino Flo Diva 400

This light is an absolute pleasure to carry around.

It’s the type of light that you could easily ¬†give to your old grandmother to lend you a hand with. Yes, it’s that portable.

It’s sneaky. You can use it to shoot in small offices, hallways, or little, cramped spaces.

This light is the workhorse of the industry. You can use it for 1,000 shoots and you can keep on using it. Give it to your son. Then, give it your grandson. This light will be a family heirloom.

All joking aside, it’s durable. Drive a hammer to the barndoors and you’ll probably won’t hurt it. The tubes are so solidly clicked in, that you can shake them all day and they won’t fall off.

It comes with 4 tubes total. You can make them tungsten or daylight. You can apply gels for effects. This light is a chameleon: good for interviews and good for regular shooting.

It’s an absolute beauty to work with in the studio, and it has all the recommended light fixture essentials.

One of the best parts is that it’s fully dimmable. So, this widens up your choice of lighting and effect much more.

It comes with with a diffuser so you can have even more variables to play around with.

Good job Kino Flo. I love all your products but this is the best. This is my favorite.

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