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Einstein AlienBee E640 Flash Unit

Kino Flo Rental: Einstein AlienBee E640 Flash Unit

Kino Flo Rental

  • $30/day
  • $60/week


Kino Flo Rental: What’s So Great About The Einstein AlienBee Flash

    • 9 f-stop power variability (2.5 Ws to 640 Ws)
    • All-digital control from enormous LCD display
    • Global plug-and-play from 95 to 265 VAC
    • Adjustable in precise 1/10 f-stops
    • Action-stopping up to 1/13,000 second (t.1)
    • Color consistency +/- 50° at any power
    • Bright, voltage-controlled 250 Watt modeling lampFrosted dome cover reduces UV emission
    • Audible and visual recycle indicator alert options
    • “Easy Set” button for quick return to default settings
    • Complete remote control capability with CyberSync™

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