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Kino Flo 4Bank 4×4

Kino Flo Rental: Kino Flo 4Bank 4×4

Kino Flo Rental, Lighting Rental Los Angeles

  • $50/day
  • $40/Extra day
  • $120/week


Kino Flo Rental: Why Go With The Kino Flo 4Bank

    • Similar to a 1,000 Watts softlight
    • Only uses 10% of the power
    • Color temperature doesn’t shift
    • Lamps last long
    • Fixtures are lightweight
    • Reflector
    • Louver
    • Remote operation
    • Lamp harness can be removed
    • Takes daylight and tungsteen
    • Amazingly high output
    • Workforce of the industry
    • Utilized a lot for interviews
    • Instant power on
    • Individual light control
    • Incredibly quiet

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