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Kino Flo VistaBeam 300

Kino Flo Rental: Kino Flo VistaBeam 300

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        • $80/day
        • $75/Extra day
        • $240/week


        Kino Flo Rental: Decide For A Kino Flo VistaBeam 300

          • More light than a 2000 Watts softlight
          • Broad, even light
          • Ideal for studio and location
          • Low amperage draw
          • Energy savings
          • Long lamp life
          • Low lamp replacements
          • Low maintenance labor
          • Low operating temperature
          • Low air-conditioning costs
          • Stable color temperature
          • Uses 5500K and 3200K
          • Uses green and blue lamps
          • DMX and manual switching
          • Multi-use
          • Location daylight fill
          • Soft key
          • Studio soft light
          • Blue and green screen

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